Plocek a Šuranská

Meeting with folk music in its simplicity and spontaneity

Duo of Jiří Plocek and Jitka Šuranská was founded in 2004.
The basic idea of the duo is a return to the original, simple form of old Moravian songs and the simple musicianship bringing melodies from various regions of Central and Eastern Europe with the occasional contemporary touch.
Jiří Plocek inclined to folk music after having been rooted in bluegrass and urban folk, establishing himself in well-known groups Poutníci and Teagrass. He dedicated his later career to folk music as a devoted publisher (GNOSIS BRNO) for many years.
Although the duo performed several times at large festival stages (Rudolstadt, Lublin, Kaustinen), the ideal environment for this kind of music is more intimate atmosphere of clubs where you can communicate with the audience in a simple acoustic setting.